Contributions to php-virt-control

(aka php-virt-control hacking)

Hacking php-virt-control

If you want to implement new features to php-virt-control or fix some bugs you have found you can download the source from our GIT repository using


Please make sure you're using the coding style in which the code is already written (beware of spaces instead of tabs etc). When you have the patch prepared please send us the patch using the procedure mentioned in Sending patches paragraph.

Sending patches

If you would like to contribute to the php-virt-control project you could write patches for it but please make sure you're following the procedure below:

  1. Sign up to php-virt-control list if you're not on it yet (
  2. Set your git username and e-mail and also set the subject prefix in the project's repository using:
    git config --local format.subjectprefix "PATCH"
  3. Create the patch in the form of the commits and include also information about usage (example source codes maybe) and testing
  4. Format it using git format-patch -X where X is the number of patch parts to be posted, for multipart patch (X is greater than 1) please use also numbering (-n) option and include the cover-letter (--cover-letter).
  5. Send to using the git send-email <files> --to command where <files> can be 000* to send all the patches formatted by git format-patch since git format-patch names the files starting with the 4 digit numbers.

Bug tracking

For the bug tracking it's possible to use the project's Bugzilla.