Fix: Change Libvirt::node_get_cpu_stats() output
[php-virt-control.git] / classes / libvirt.php
2012-08-07 Olivier DoucetFix: Change Libvirt::node_get_cpu_stats() output
2012-08-06 Michal NovotnyNew functionality: Migrate domain and connection list...
2012-08-06 Michal NovotnyFix trailing whitespaces to satisfy commit hooks
2012-08-06 Olivier DoucetNew API: Add support for node_get_cpu_stats, node_get_m...
2012-08-06 Olivier DoucetRewritten auth on remote libvirt + several interface...
2011-12-13 Michal NovotnyUpdate to 0.0.4
2011-12-12 Michal NovotnyScreenshot: Handle bitmap input
2011-10-01 Michal NovotnyFixes for Fedora-15 installation
2011-08-22 Michal NovotnyFix short open tags and SPEC file
2011-08-10 Michal NovotnyImplement MySQL db to store connections
2011-07-22 Michal NovotnyImplement option to manage virtual networks using VMC
2011-07-22 Michal NovotnyAllow non-persistent setup as well as domain deletion
2011-07-21 Michal NovotnyFix passing existing disk to new VM option
2011-07-21 Michal NovotnyIntroduce experimental option to create a new VM
2011-06-28 Michal NovotnyAdd internationalization support and improve functionality