Fix: Change Libvirt::node_get_cpu_stats() output
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2012-08-07 Olivier DoucetFix: Change Libvirt::node_get_cpu_stats() output
2012-08-06 Michal NovotnyFix information page to output correct information
2012-08-06 Michal NovotnyFix trailing whitespaces to satisfy commit hooks
2012-08-06 Olivier DoucetNew API: Add support for node_get_cpu_stats, node_get_m...
2011-08-22 Michal NovotnyFix short open tags and SPEC file
2011-06-28 Michal NovotnyAdd internationalization support and improve functionality
2011-06-23 Michal NovotnyAdd graphics and website sources to the php-virt-control
2011-06-23 Michal NovotnyInitial commit of php-virt-control 0.0.1